Corporate Values


“John Paul Mitchell System很驕傲我們是一間美國公司,因為我們不只讓美國的人們因為我們而更加美麗,還幫助了美國和全球的療癒、成長與繁榮。代表著我們所服務的這群美髮人的無私精神,John Paul Mitchell Systems和John Paul Dejoria已經捐了數百萬美元給社會福利、教育、藝術、環境保護、醫療照護、學術研究等。” —John Paul DeJoria

John Paul Mitchell Systems® is proud to be an American company. We’re proud not only to help Americans look beautiful, but to help our country and our world heal, grow and prosper. On behalf of the giving spirit of the hair care professionals we serve, John Paul Mitchell Systems and John Paul DeJoria have made multi-million dollar contributions to social welfare, education, the arts, environmental protection, and medical care and research.


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